The Silver Swords (SS)

Our heroes gradually became leaders of a vast criminal empire in Fallcrest. It started with their ownership of the Lucky Gnome, and grew when they took over the docks and let Splug start a gambling ring. Eventually, they gave it a name, and the Silver Swords were founded. Founding members include: Dak Chawsay, Thorir Eldurstal, Gorstag Greycastle, Sunny, Godfuck, Ana, Splug, Bede Eightsrings, Orest Naerumar, and Maxwell the Pirate.

While the four main party members are the executive officers, the others have their own domains of control:

Godfuck: Guards/Muscle
Ana: Prostitution/Assassins
Splug: Gambling at the Goblin Cave (Kelson’s former manor)
Bede: Barkeep/Criminal activity monitor
Orest: Dock operations/Thievery
Maxwell: Smuggling

The Knights of the Black Window

These knights form an order dedicated to the Raven Queen . Their primary goal is to stamp out necromancy and cults dedicated to Orcus throughout the world. One of their chapters rescued a young Gorstag from his evil mentor Gandling. They had been investigating rumors of disappearances in the area, and they sacked the academy when they discovered its dark purpose. They decided that the students’ lives should be spared, however, so they returned to their base and trained the children to join the order. They continue their good work, although Gorstag has since been expelled for his unique attitude towards the black art of necromancy.

Edit: Now that Gorstag is a pyromancer, all of our heroes have been inducted as members.

The Eternal Brotherhood

The Eternal Brotherhood is a cult with a single goal: the elimination of death itself. Although they do not desire a reign of undead, as do the cults of Orcus, they often work with these cults as a means to usurp the Raven Queen. They have appeared many times throughout history, each time apparently being “defeated.” Whether the cult is consistently reincarnated with new members, or whether there is some sort of continuity remains a mystery. They are infamous for lies, deception, and manipulation of various levels of society. At one point, they even managed to incite a civil war within an empire renowned for its pacifism. They work in the shadows, and as such very little is known about their operations.

Known appearances:

The Astral Sea — With the aid of a misled army of Githyanki, the Eternal Brotherhood was on the cusp of tearing a hole in the boundaries between planes before being squashed by a small but resourceful tribe of Githzerai.

The Underdark — A few hundred years ago, a major drow city became a hub of necromancy until the skillful political maneuverings of a matriarch dedicated to the Raven Queen managed to quell any hope of a permanent hold on the city.

The Nerath Empire — The former empire which ruled the Nentir Vale once nearly succumbed to the Brotherhood’s machinations. However, a group of knights arose to fight the threat, and dedicated their lives to fight the undead and any threat to the natural order of life and death. These knights were the precursor to the Knights of the Black Window.

The Nerath Empire

The Nentir Vale was once ruled by scattered local chieftains and the like. Then a slow invasion from the Nerath Empire in the south settled and conquered the area. The Empire brought culture, trade, and civilization to the region, and ruled for nearly three centuries before internal strife weakened the Empire and set the stage for a successful sacking by a gnoll army. The Empire was tolerant of all races, but was predominantly led by humans. The current powers that be in the Vale are trying to hold onto whatever semblances of the old Empire they can. For a more complete history, as well as a well-cited explanation of the chronology of the Empire, see here.

The Sons of Nerath

This group of “human rights” activists in Fallcrest have a unified dream: to restore the Nerath Empire. However, their dream does not match the history of the Empire in terms of its attitude towards nonhuman races. The Sons of Nerath are notorious xenophobes, who dismiss all sources which claim that the Empire was fairly tolerant of other races as “manipulated political garbage.” Members of this group are characteristically loud, ignorant, xenophobic, and almost like a cult when it comes to venerating their most outspoken members, the notorious heralds, Rush of Limb Borough, and Glen of House Beck. This pair of loud mouths spew rhetoric at every opportunity, bashing the Lord Warden for tolerant policies such as increasing nonhuman access to health care and clean water, and apologetically “misspeak” on a regular basis. While normally the group simply annoys everyone else, they have lately begun making powerful friends and organizing public and sometimes violent protests. Rumor has it that they were responsible for an entire ship’s worth of medicinal herbs being poured overboard because it was “causing children to be elf-lovers.”

The Fallcrest Falcons

The Falcons were the heroes of Fallcrest and the surrounding area. They cleaned up the gangs, fought monsters, and were the heroes of young boys and girls everywhere, even a young Thorir, who owned the Limited Edition Action Figure Collection TM. However, Thorir discovered to his dismay that his childhood heroes were nothing but crooks who worked with gangs and created a facade of heroism for the fame and the money. They were murdered, mostly at the hands of Dak, but the general public believes that they died valiantly fighting the dragon Szartharrax.

The River Rats

Run by Kelson, the owner of the Lucky Gnome, the River Rats are a gang in Fallcrest which terrorizes the Lower Quays. Through a combination of gambling, whoring, protection rackets, theft, and other prtty crimes, the River Rats have a stranglehold on the poor and abandoned of Fallcrest, who sometimes have no choice but to join ranks lest they starve.

After being sent by the Lord Warden of Fallcrest, Faren Markelhay, our heroes proceeded to systematically slaughter all of the River Rats, with the exception of their leader, Kelson, whom they simply banished with his son.


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