Deities and other Powerful Beings

This is not an exhaustive list. Only included are those relative to the plot of the campaign.

Lawful Good Dieties

Bahamut — The god of justice, honor, and nobility commands his followers to protect the weak and defend justice and honor. He is also known as the Platinum Dragon.

Moradin — Dwarves everywhere worship the god of creation and the patron of artisans, especially miners and smiths. He carved out the first mountains and is guardian of the hearth and family.

Good Deities

Avandra — The goddess of luck and change resides in the Astral Sea. She delights in trade, travel, adventure and the frontier.

Pelor — The common folk typically worship the god of sun and summer, especially farmers.

Unaligned Deities

Corellon — The god of spring, beauty, and the arts is patron of arcane magic and the fey.

Erathis — The goddess of civilization is the muse of invention, founder of cities, and author of laws. Armos Kamroth is a devotee and former priest of her order.

Ioun — Librarians and academics worship the goddess of knowledge.

Kord — A mercurial god of storms and lord of battle, Kord is worshiped by fighters and athletes.

Melora — Rangers and elves worship the goddess of the wilderness.

The Raven Queen — The unaligned goddess of death, fate and winter. She resides in the Shadowfell, where she escorts the souls of the dead to their eternal destination. She reviles the undead, and has an ongoing feud with Orcus and Lolth, who desire to usurp her power. She is also known to send a soul back to the living as a Revenant, such as Sunny.

Sehanine — Sehanine is the Unaligned goddess of the moon, autumn, and love. Elves, halflings, theives, and lovers venerate her. In addition to being the sole deity of the moon, she is also the goddess of love and autumn. Sehanine insists that all of her followers avoid zealotry and walk a middle path between good and evil. She is close allies with Avandra and gets along swimmingly with many other gods like Corellon, Pelor and the Raven Queen but her foes include Gruumsh, the Queen of Air and Darkness, and the evil deities of the drow.

Evil Deities

Asmodeus — Formerly an angel, the god of tyranny rules the Nine Hells with an iron fist and a silver tongue. He is the founder of devils and their ruler. He desires the shard of pure evil which formed the Abyss, with which he plans to kill the gods themselves.

Bane — The evil god of war and conquest draws the worship of the military, both good and evil. He commands discipline, obedience, and an iron will. He is eternally at war with Gruumsh.

Tiamat — Once one with Bahamut, she is now the goddess of greed, wealth and envy.

Torog — The King that Crawls is god of the Underdark and patron of jailers and torturers.

Vecna — Vecna is the god of necromancy, the undead, and secrets. He was once human before turning himself into a lich and then ascending to godhood. He is enemies of the Raven Queen and Orcus, as all three are competing for control of death.

Zehir — The evil god of poison, snakes, and assassins is worshiped by the yuan-ti.

Chaotic Evil Deities

Gruumsh — The god of destruction revels in carnage. He is a favorite of orcs. He eternally besieges Bane’s fortress in the Astral sea.

Tharizdun — The Chained God created the Abyss. He uses the pseudonym of the Elemental Eye to manipulate the primordials into releasing him, so that he could bring about the apocalypse.

Lolth — The Demon Queen of Spiders (a minor misnomer as she is actually a goddess) is the chaotic evil god of shadows, lies, and spiders. She commands her followers, most of whom are drow, to sow treachery and to scheme for power. All drow societies revere her since she gave them the ability to survive in the Underdark when Corellon banished them there. She also seeks revenge on Corellon and all eladrin, as well as the Raven Queen for stripping her of her domain over winter.


Orcus — the Demon Prince of the Undead squats on his thrown of writhing flesh deep in the bowels of the Abyss. He does little besides squatting and hating, preferring to direct his numerous followers and lesser demonic servants to do his dirty work for him. The main recipient of his hatred is the Raven Queen whom he envies and wishes to overthrow, but he also indiscrimiately hates everything else. He appears as an enormous and fat red demon with leathery wings and a goat’s head; he weilds a powerful skull-capped wand which is said to be the remains of a desecrated deity who once defied him.

Deities and other Powerful Beings

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