The Eternal Brotherhood

The Tomb of Horrors (Part II)
Our heroes venture further into the Tomb

The crawlspace opened into a rather boring hallway. Around the corner, however, awaited a swirling green gas at the foot of a set of stairs. A door taunted the adventurers, especially Abraxus, who was eager to brave the mysterious toxin and bash in that door. Dak and Gorstag discerned that the gas was indeed some sort of magical toxin, but could not detect any hint concerning its effects. Dak also noticed a mysterious secret door located just past the crawlspace. Sunny attempted to pick it open, but was repelled by a mysterious force field. Dak immediately went to work on dispelling the ward. With that done, Sunny popped the door open and revealed some more drab hallway. Thorir, Dak and Sunny decided to follow the alternative route, while Gorstag and Abraxus stayed focused on that damn gassy door.

The Tomb of Horrors (Part I)
Our heroes enter the Tomb in search of Gorstag's former master

After facing the mighty kracken, our heroes arrived at an island far out to sea. They soon landed and found the camp of the Knights of the Black Window. Other adventurers had also joined the camp, including one of Thorir’s old buddies and a dragonborn cleric of Ioun. A very, very tall lady informed the party that they had sent a strike team into the Tomb, but there had been no word of them since. She hoped the party would have better luck, and sent them in with a special token which would inform the camp of any deaths so they could send a reinforcement.

The Silent Revolution
Fallcrest's fate is forever changed

Before we begin this part of the tale, we must return to some unfinished business. Our heroes had tracked Barristan through the sacred grove and witnessed his flight into a cavern at the bottom of a natural crevasse. The cavern entrance was flanked by two gruesome gargoyles and a manticore. Thorir slid down the side of the crevasse, showing off his expert athleticism, and charged the manticore. Furious, the manticore swung at Thorir and shot spikes out of its tail at the rest of the group. Meanwhile, the gargoyles flew at Sunny and tried to prevent the others from helping their allies. Thorir kept the manticore from flight and kept stabbing it in all the right places. Sunny, Dak, and Gorstag quickly cut down one gargoyle, and the other took flight and became stone once more. With the manticore isolated, the rest of the party finished it off quickly, since the other gargoyle mostly stayed as stone. In fact, with the manticore dead (Sunny struck the killing blow, much to the annoyance of Thorir…) the gargoyle refused to fight back. Our heroes let it be and entered the cavern.

Our heroes follow Kamren's strings all the way to the puppet master

Dawn broke upon Fallcrest as our heroes awoke from their well-earned slumber. Godfuck and Ana returned to the Lucky Gnome while the rest of the party continued their plans. They decided to simply observe the deal between Faramir and Kamren and follow them to their leader afterward. Most of the party remained out of earshot in the woods near the clearing where the deal was to take place. Sunny approached and stealthily observed them from the treeline. Kamren was easily identified as the woman with the glaive. She stood near a mage who seemed to be smoldering. His staff seemed to be made of embers and his robes appeared scorched. An archer watched from a point of vantage at the top of a 10 foot cliff. A man with a decorative knife belt, who looked exactly like the one in the warehouse, but with an inverted color scheme to his outfit, watched from the shade of a tree. Four humans armed with simple swords and no armor wandered about.

The Hunter and Hunted
Our heroes seek friends, family, and foes...and find them

After a good night’s rest in the Lucky Gnome, the party, plus Ana, a half elf serving wench/sorcerer, sought Armos Kamroth to discuss their debt situation. They arrived at the resplendent Kamroth estate and were greeted by an attendant, who took them to her employer. Kamroth sat behind a desk laden with papers. He had graying hair, a gaunt face, and looked exhausted. He informed the party that the Lucky Gnome had fallen into a heap of debt, 10,000 gold worth. Since Kelson stopped paying in the months leading up to his disappearance, and since the Lucky Gnome had been in disrepair, the debt had been doing nothing but climbing lately, and Kamroth needed assurances that payments would be coming.

Coming Home to Fallcrest
Our heroes wage a hidden war against a shadowy organization

On the way back to Fallcrest, Rolsten’s brother, Griff, informed the party, which at the time consisted of Sunny, Dak, Thorir, Gorstag, Splug, and Godfuck, the minotaur barbarian, of recent events in Fallcrest. Aurora and Marshmallow said their goodbyes, and returned to a solitary life in the wilderness surrounding Winterhaven. After the fall of Kalarel, Gorstag came to accept the dangers of necromancy, and turned his studies to the much safer and controlled study of…pyromancy.

The End of the Line
Our heroes reach their foe, only to find an even greater threat

Our heroes, sans Aurora and Marshmallow, who decided to remain above, landed in a bloody pool in the center of a great chamber. To one wall, a massive statue of Orcus stood looming, and at another, what looked like a corpse awaited upon a dais. Opposite him, a man in a horned helm stood in prayer, chanting as dark energies poured forth from his rod, capped with a ram’s skull. The final wall was almost entirely made of a great arch, beyond which a powerful darkness was trying to claw its way through the remaining barriers. Scattered throughout the room, vampires began hissing at the intruders.

Kalarel's Cultists
Two heroes emerge to aid our party

After almost drowning in a whirlpool trap, Gorstag, accompanied by the Mad Priest, soothed his nerves with drink within the Bag of Holding. As he crept into safety, two figures emerged from the remnants of the whirlpool, and insisted on calling it a “were-pool”. Oddly enough, our heroes took a very short time to welcome these newcomers, a changeling with psionic powers named Gin and a minotaur barbarian named Godfuck, into the fold. Beyond the door ahead came a smell so putrid it was like to curdle milk. The party bashed in the door and began an onslaught.

And Then There Were Five
A new dawn forms on the horizon for our heroes

After retracing their steps to the hobgoblin stronghold within the Keep, our heroes came upon a cat-like humanoid with a wolf companion. After tense negotiation, she revealed herself to be Aurora, a Razorclaw Shifter who came to the Keep because of rumors of evil goings on. Aurora also mentioned that she had only met a single goblin in the Keep so far, and pushed him into the well into which he was urinating freely. The party was outraged that she had thrown Splug into his own bodily fluids and Thorir went to rescue their poor friend.

Attack of the Killer Slime
Our heroes narrowly avoid a goopy death

Our heroes, less Splug (who chose to remain behind to guard the escape path), descended further into the Keep on the Shadowfell. They noticed a pair of hobgoblins, whom they recognized by their red skin and pointy ears, standing near a well. Dak and Thorir decided to approach cautiously, lest they begin unnecessary conflicts. One of the hobgoblins noted their approach and yelled “Shadow seeks shadow!” Dak realized there must be a pass phrase, and made a feeble attempt. He failed. The hobgoblins called for reinforcements and drew their flails.


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