The Eternal Brotherhood

Creepy Crawlies and Gorstag's Follies
Our heroes descend into a nightmarish maze

After resting to recuperate from the attack of the killer cube, our heroes continued to explore the natural cave complex. They came upon a hole in the ground, at the bottom of which lay a chitinous creature, dead. They looked closely at their surroundings and noticed another pit, but this one was concealed. Clearly someone laid these traps, but was it to keep intruders out, or something in? They also noticed many holes in the wall, as if some small creature were burrowing…

The Adventures of Splug
A brave young goblin betrays his own to take vengeance upon those who wronged him

Most goblins are happy with a dirty cave, bad ale, stale bread and cheap women, as long as they can bash in some heads often enough. Splug is not like most goblins. Splug dreams of living in a city, perhaps owning or at least running a successful gambling establishment. He dreams of fast wagons and quick money. His dreams often earn him the ire of his people.

Into the Keep
Our heroes descend into darkness to face the rising threat

After escorting Douven to the gates of Winterhaven, our heroes immediately continued forth to face the kobold threat. They arrived at the waterfall which Ninaran described, but a treeline blocked their path. However, the party’s keen senses managed to notice a group of creatures gathered near a shallow river bed. Suddenly the creatures sprang into action!

Some guy named Douven
Or was it Devon? Dillon? David?

Having been sent to Winterhaven by the Lord Warden of Fallcrest, our heroes found themselves along the King’s Road. As they neared Winterhaven, they noticed something shifty going on near some boulders…

Road to Winterhaven
The innocence of a son is surpassed only by the father's will to save it.

Our heroes, hunting down and exterminating the River Rats on behalf of the Lord Warden, Faren Markelhay, crept through the sewers on the maintenance walkways adjacent to the sewers themselves. Rolsten, secret agent of the Lord Warden, took point. They saw light coming from an intersection in the sewer streams, and went forth to investigate. As the light came from the other side of the maintenance tunnel, they were forced to continue a bit farther towards a bridge which crossed the stream of filth, which seemed to glisten slightly in the light.

Fighting the Falcons
What to do when you murder everyone's heroes...

The Falcons stood feet away. They were coming towards the Hall, our heroes had but two choices, fight or attempt to negotiate with a group who had already mercilessly murdered another “loose end.” They chose fight, and stormed out the doors, spells and shurikens a-blazing. Little Wil stood taken aback, yelling at Dak to stop trying to kill him. Thorir burst out the doors and faced Bruce, the Falcon’s big man, toe-to-toe. Gorstag fired off spell after spell, but as he was still getting used to not being dead, he missed most of the time.

In the Beginning
Everybody loves a happy ending, right?

Dak and Thorir entered the city of Fallcrest on a seemingly ordinary day, at least that’s what it seemed like to Dak. Thorir, who had rarely been more than a few miles away from Westerfield, could not comprehend what he was seeing. The city walls stood fifty feet above the ground. Buildings made with stone, polished wood, and (gasp!) clay roof tiles amazed the young warrior, who had never known anything but thatched roofs and dirt floors. Thanks to a very helpful guard, the duo had directions to Orest Naerumar’s shop. Once inside, Dak looked around at the wares and, thanks to his exceptional arcane knowledge, noticed that most of it was junk. Thorir thought all of it was beyond his wildest dreams.


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