The Mad Priest


Once he had been the leader of a band of kobolds, the Skull Kickers. The world had never known such fear as when he ruled the King’s Road. He ravaged caravans of shiny things, pillaged the trade routes, and had even managed to earn the support of the mighty Szartharrax, a white dragon.

Then everything changed. A foul horde of do-gooders stormed his hall and murdered his beloved friends and family. They took no prisoners. In the midst of battle, while valiantly trying to save his comrades, a shuriken cut deep into his flesh, and sent horrors into his mind. The poison pumped through his veins as he struggled to maintain his sanity.

As his world reduced itself to chaos, he vowed to never forget the hate he felt for the ice cream man who did not give him his Popsicle. He wanted the Spongebob one because you know I love Spongebob Barker he was so good on the Price Is Right when he wasn’t trying to sexually assault his model cars with the wheels all fun and they actually spin the bottle is the best game ever when you get to kiss is the greatest band ever and I just love what you’ve done with the place.

The Mad Priest now resides in Sunny’s Bag of Holding.

The Mad Priest

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