Goblin manservant


Most goblins are happy with a dirty cave, bad ale, stale bread and cheap women, as long as they can bash in some heads often enough. Splug is not like most goblins. Splug dreams of living in a city, perhaps owning or at least running a successful gambling establishment. He dreams of fast wagons and quick money. His dreams often earn him the ire of his people.

In fact, Splug’s dreams earned him a stay in the torture room of the Keep on the Shadowfell. Our heroes rescued him, and he has been attending to their need, whether it be setting up camp, cooking, or saving Thorir from a voracious gelatinous cube.

Upon their return to Fallcrest, Splug received permission to start a gambling ring in the back room of the Lucky Gnome. Once there, he discovered the portal to Kelson’s manor, and requested futher permission to turn it into a casino. Since the manor is technically outside city limits, the operation is legal. Splug aptly named it the Goblin Cave.


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