Sunny's brother


Sejanus is Sunny’s twin brother. After their parents died, he was responsible for thinking of clever ways to survive. His intelligence combined with Sunny’s natural abilities made the siblings strong enough to survive in the unforgiving Underdark. These challenges created an unbreakable bond between the two.

Once they were adopted into the house of Drusilla, Sejanus learned the art of diplomacy and became a gentleman of the courts of Umber. He stood at Drusilla’s right hand, and watched for signs of weakness behind the endless empty smiles in the courts. He created a network of spies and had a knack for finances. Under his care, Drusilla’s wealth and power grew to unprecedented levels.

Sejanus knew how necessary an assassin was to Drusilla, but he never quite forgave her for using his sister. Whereas Sunny wholeheartedly accepted the Raven Queen and her teachings, Sejanus remained skeptical that she had any way to make life in such a city better. However, he did not hesitate to dedicate his skills towards the eradication of the Eternal Brotherhood.


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