Elf, Member of Eternal Brotherhood, Lover of Kelson, Mother of Connor


Ninaran lost her family at an early age. She suffered with the loss for years, and never really recovered emotionally. Eventually she found herself in Fallcrest, and fell in with Kelson and his crowd. She began whoring at the Lucky Gnome before being promoted to Keslon’s personal mistress. However, the pair soon fell in love, since Kelson wasn’t really a bad guy and Ninaran was just struggling with her lack of strong family values. They longed for a better life, and this longing became even stronger when they gave birth to their son, Connor.

After some time in Kelson’s company, Ninaran met Carian, who introduced her to the tenets of the Eternal Brotherhood. Spiritually aroused at the idea of being able to spend eternity with her family, both old and new, Ninaran joined ranks immediately. Carian decided to send her off to be his eyes and ears in Winterhaven, so that Carian could keep an eye on Kalarel. Ninaran hesitated to accept, but decided to leave her son and lover to pursue eternal happiness. She soon regretted her decision, and warned Kelson about the rising threat.

After Kelson was exiled from Fallcrest, he met with Ninaran near Winterhaven. However, by that time Carian had kidnapped their son and fled. Enraged by their loss, the pair smuggled corpses into the Lord’s Manor in Winterhaven and took the place hostage, killing four of the town guard in the process. She and Kelson were captured, but were found dead in their cells with puncture wounds in her neck.


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