Mad Underpriest

Priest of Orcus, Follower of Kalarel


The visions had plagued him for as long as he could remember. The stench of death had always surrounded him, and he never found solace. The faithful of Pelor could not rescue him, the magicks of wizards, mages and warlocks alike could not save him. All fell to his frenzy. Only Orcus promised peace. Through undeath, his visions would become brethren. Kalarel would lead him to peace and sanity. Kalarel would save him. And so the Underpriest labored at his ritual as the voices tormented him and his monstrous allies defended him.

As he prayed for the blood to flow, a young female leaped and pounced. He felt the blade cut into his flesh, and turned to face the monster before him. He saw her seven heads and the snakes which poured forth from her mouths. He felt the burning fire within his veins. Desperately, the priest tried to crush the beast before him, but failed to do her harm. He had never fared well in close combat. She would devour him, and the voices grew louder as he tried to smite his foe in the name of the Demon Prince of the Undead.

Then the poison took hold of his mind, and the voices grew silent. He saw his foe, a beautiful girl who appeared to be drow. He looked upon his allies, and only now recognized them as humans, as a minotaur cut one nearly in two. He saw the world clearly for the first time, and the voices remained silent. As the world came into focus as it should, memories of his past deeds flooded the priests mind. He saw himself slaying, not monsters as he had believed, but men, women, children. He saw the undead which rose at his command, and remembered having feasted with them upon the remains of their enemies. He had finally achieved the clarity which he had sought for so long, and it drove him insane.

Mad Underpriest

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