Former Owner of Lucky Gnome


Kelson grew up on the streets of Fallcrest. When he was old enough, he used all of his resources to start a pub, the Lucky Gnome. All he wanted was to create a friendly environment for relaxation and enjoyment. However, other local innkeepers and merchants, as well as a gang or two, tried to force him out of business. Without any reasonable course of action, Kelson seemed helpless. While desperate, he was approached by a mysterious person by the name of Carian. Carian offered to end his troubles, so long as Kelson did as Carian demanded. Kelson hesitantly agreed.

At first the work appeared noble. Kelson created a band of the unfortunate souls of Fallcrest, and together with the rising Falcons, managed to put an end to gang activity in the area. However, under pressure from Carian, this humble band evolved into the River Rats. Kelson became stuck in a life of crime and debauchery.

At some point, Kelson had a son, Conner, with an unknown partner, and in order to protect his new family, he built a secret manor in a cave to which the sewers lead. He installed a portal for quick access via the Lucky Gnome back room. As time went on, he bagan to fear more and more for his son. Matters only worsened when his baby momma joined ranks with the Eternal Brotherhood and left for Winterhaven. A few months later, he received a letter which warned him of a possible invasion, and that he should raise an army to defend himself and Conner.

After attempting to break ties with the Brotherhood via the Falcons, Kelson began a major recruiting effort. However, this caught the attention of the Lord Warden, who sent his spy, Rolsten, to investigate. Rolsten, along with some adventurers, took down the River Rats and invaded Kelson’s home. Kelson attempted to flee with Conner, but he was caught by Sunny. Fortunately, Rolsten was prevented from murdering him by the ever-friendly Thorir. The party decided that Kelson would have to leave Fallcrest with his son.

He left for Winterhaven. En route, he and his bodyguard were ambushed by Carian’s followers, who made off with Conner. He and Ninaran were forced to take Lord Padraig hostage. During the fight which followed, Thorir knocked him unconscious. He was found dead in his cell with puncture wounds in his neck.


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