Priest of Orcus


Kalarel used to be a brilliant mage in Fallcrest. He and his best friend, Nimozaran, were the two most promising students of magic in the whole of the Nentir Vale. However, at some point in their relationship, something went sour. Kalarel became obsessed with the power of necromancy and the undead, and began to worship Orcus, Demon Lord of the Undead. Nimozaran was forced to duel his best friend, and according to historical accounts, killed him. Nimozaran became a recluse in his tower, and stopped adventuring.

Years later, Kalarel’s name resurfaced in a letter written to Kelson by his lover, warning him that Kalarel was close to opening a rift to another plane which would unleash armies of undead upon the Nentir Vale. The letter seemed to imply that Kalarel had been working with the Eternal Brotherhood, but has since betrayed them. Our heroes tracked him to the abandoned Keep on the Shadowfell, and there slew him and his allies.


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