Gorstag Greycastle

Tiefling Wizard


Gorstag Greycastle does not remember his parents. To him, the only parent he ever had was the Darkmaster Gandling, leader of a hidden fortress which doubled as a school of necromancy for young children. Gandling had high hopes for his young student Gorstag, who, as a tiefling, would, based on various cultural and somewhat racist assumptions, embrace such practices. Gorstag, knowing nothing else, applied himself wholeheartedly to his studies.

However, before he could graduate from the academy and become an agent of the undead, the school was invaded and conquered by a group of heroes known as the Knights of the Black Window. These knights were not your typical heroes of good and justice. They were, in fact, agents of the Raven Queen, dedicated to rooting out all necromancy and the undead. They spared Gorstag and other young students, choosing to instead train them to join their order.

While under this new training, Gorstag was introduced to the writings of Ervard, from which he learned to respect death and to abhor the undead. This led to Gorstag cultivating a devoutness towrard the Raven Queen. However, due to his fascination with the Shadowfell, friction arose between the young tiefling and his superiors, who did not share Gorstag’s view that the power of necromancy could be used to fight the enemies of the Raven Queen and the cultists of Orcus. Having lost faith in the Knights, Gorstag chose to explore and research death on his own and departed for the heart of the realm, the city of Fallcrest, where he sought out the guidance of the Archmage Nimozeran the Green.

Gorstag Greycastle

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