Matriarch of Umber


Drusilla was one of many drow matriarchs in Umber. She spent her early years working for some long forgotten court official before using her connections and cleverness to consolidate her power. She began targeting lesser sources of wealth first, and managed to remain out of sight of the stronger matriarchs as she accumulated enough power to become a major rival.

Once she burst onto the stage as a new power player in Umber, she immediately began sowing the seeds of strife between rival factions, instigating a series of bloody wars, during which Sunny’s and Sejanus’ parents were executed. When the bloodbath finally ended, she picked at the corpses of her rivals and became one of the most powerful matriarchs in the city.

However, during the wars, she began to have a crisis of faith. The teachings of Lolth commanded her to do whatever was necessary to gain power. Now that she had power, she noticed that her actions became driven not by raw ambition, but the fear of losing power. It was at this time that she discovered the teachings of the Raven Queen. The concept that one should not fear death, but rather celebrate it as a natural part of life, was liberating to Drusilla. She constructed a small, hidden shrine and began her worship in secret.

When she discovered Sunny and Sejanus, orphans whose parents died in the wars which she secretly started, Drusilla accepted them into her home and believed that the Raven Queen had sent them to her. When the Eternal Brotherhood arrived in Umber and began its campaign to turn the entire city into an Orcus cult, Drusilla brought the siblings into her fold as agents of the Raven Queen.


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