Dak Chawsay


Dak lived an easy life growing up. His family held decent standing within his community and possessed a fair amount of wealth so Dak was never wanting for anything. They happily indulged his curiosities which spanned all topics and ideas from science to math to history. In particular the field of alchemy and enchanting caught his eye. The idea of memorizing spells like wizards did not appeal to him nor did he possess the innate ability of sorcerers. However, through dedicated study, he found that he could manipulate the energy of the world around him and imbue it into objects of his choosing. The deeper he delved into this field, the more he felt this would be his calling in life.

As he approached the age of 18, his parents began to look for someone to apprentice Dak off to as was custom in their family. Githzerai would leave and see the world, learning new skills and gathering experience that would otherwise be closed to them if they had stayed. A friend of the family who worked in the trading business, having seen Dak’s gift and interest in magic items and potions, suggested to the family that he take Dak under his wing. The young Githzerai would work as a merchant in training, handling deliveries to various towns and cities. Dak’s parents readily agreed, seeing this as a wonderful opportunity for their son.

As quickly as that, the next part of Dak’s life was decided. He didn’t regret leaving home. Rarely had he ever had more than two or three close friends as most of his spare time was dedicated to studying, so he had few ties to the town aside from his family. He packed up his few belongings and headed out with the family friend’s next caravan, never looking back.

Half a decade passed and Dak found himself enjoying his work. The actual money and profit side of it didn’t hold much interest for him, but seeing the variety of objects that he dealt with continued to hold his interest. In his spare time, he often worked on his own small projects, becoming able to brew various potions, but the goal of being able to create permanent magic items still seemed a bit beyond his reach, though he could temporarily grant items increased power. The small successes only spurred him on further in his pursuit of enchanting and alchemy.

Dak, now at the age of 25, works as a semi-independent partner of the family friend, having proved adept at trading, using his skills to accurately assess the value of magic items and get the best price for them. His latest shipment was bound for the town of Fallcrest where he was to meet a Tiefling who runs an import shop there.

Dak Chawsay

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