Armos Kamroth

Master of Coin, Real Estate Mogul, Money Lender


Armos Kamroth, in his youth, trained to become a priest of Erathis. While still in training, he was sent on a mission to infiltrate a cult of Zehir, where he met a changeling assassin named Lucille. The two fell madly in love, and after stopping the cult, Kamroth left the priesthood for her and they left for Fallcrest.

Kamroth rose to prominence as a property manager. Eventually, once he earned enough coin, he went into business for himself and started a money lending venture. However, his policies varied from the usual system, as he permitted trade of property to repay debts, especially real estate. As a result, when a family would find themselves in a bind, Kamroth would save the day by lending them the cash to survive. Later, when they could not pay him back, he would allow them to remain in their home and would forgive the debt, so long as he could claim the deed to their home and collect a reasonable amount of rent. Oddly enough, the properties he owns soon become twice as profitable.

In doing so, Kamroth came to own almost one in five plots of land in the Fallcrest region. He also became a leading member of the community, and clamored for economic reform, both in terms of revising the tax code and reformatting restrictions on trade to free the flow of money while simultaneously avoiding abuse from powerful entities, including himself. One of his major political victories was the signing of the Equal Tax Act, which leveled the historically unbalanced tax rates on the various races in Fallcrest. He also donated warforged guards when a quarter of the town guard resigned in protest. Shortly after these events, Lord Warden Faren Markelhay assigned him to the post of Master of Coin, a position for which he had been clamoring for years.

However, one he began working at Moonstone Keep, Kamroth discovered Lady Allande Markelhay’s involvement with the Eternal Brotherhood, and decided he must stop her. The full details of his plans and plots can be found here.

Armos Kamroth

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